Expletus Bellator

Expletus Bellator, some of us or most of us do not know what that means at all. Mainly because it is not part of our daily vocabulary. But I hear, read, and see this word every single day of my life. One of the wisest men I know personally sends inspirational messages to me every day and the end of it reads "Expeletus Bellator". Now after reading this months and months on end not knowing what it meant I finally asked.... Grandpa what

does this word mean? He told me expletus was the Latin word for "complete" and bellator was the Latin word for "warrior". And my follow up question was..... why do you send this to us every day? He replies with, it is so easy to go through the motions in life rather than BE a complete warrior, in your studies, work, activities, and daily life with other people and if you do this, just like that you separate yourself from the majority of the population. Let that one sink in a little. Because it took me a few years to actually understand this. The definition of a warrior is a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. The words that stuck out to me were brave and fighter. We go through this world and are shamed for having opinions or being different. Some people are told they are not smart or good enough without even getting a chance to prove themselves. Or on the other hand people work and study and practice their craft to the best of their ability and are passed up by someone who doesn't work nearly as hard, study at all, or put effort in mainly because they look more more talented. So because of this it is difficult to be Brave and be who you are!

Being brave takes courage, and strength within yourself to be the person you want to be. Which is something I struggled with for the longest time. I had no friends because I was so different from my peers and I thought it was a bad thing at first but I have came to the realization that I am so unique because I am my crazy, passionate, strong self. When you are brave you feel so much better about yourself, who cares if you feel alone, your not. There are people in this world and people around you who could say "wow she/he is so unique and themselves, they don't worry about what other people think, I really like that" (Maybe not that cheezy but you get the point). Being yourself gives you a wholeness inside that makes you feel complete.

The warrior inside of you, oh my goodness you have no idea what you are capable of until you find it. I guarantee you have not even unlocked your full potential yet, heck I haven't even unlocked mine. Being a warrior is saying there is no limitations to your mind, except for the ones you acknowledge. Meaning you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. If you want to be a millionaire in 2 years, you will find a way. You may not know how but you will do it as long as you are determined and set your mind to it. But! There will be those people in your life that say "your crazy" "you have way to big of dreams" or just simply laugh at your awesomeness. Those people live in fear, fear that they will not accomplish something if they make goals, so they simply do not make them!! Those people put you down and put a damper on your parade, or so you think. When they say those comments you can either agree with them and say your right my goals suck I will never make it, and in that case you won't. Or you can say NO Im a freaking Warrior! I do Not give up, I strive off your negativity! You will be that much better because of them. Warriors fight past the haters, past the gossipers, past the pain, past the devil in their heads and in the world, past the negativity. And make a difference in the world.

So next time you think of how difficult life is, how frustrating it is to work hard for things, or how much of a struggle it is to simply be yourself think of these two words. And when these two words come into your head remind yourself of how amazing and unique you are and that you are a fighter, life does not come easy for fighters, you will be better because of your small successes which will them lead to big successes

. I have so much energy running through my hands and body right now because I am so pumped to see everyone excel in their life and become a better person because of their want to grow. I want to thank my grandpa for teaching me this valuable lesson and these words that I live by every time I think my life is even a little difficult and that I cannot push through. Be a complete warrior, Expletus Bellator.


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