Change your story, change your life.

How many of us say the same story over and over again that we are not good enough, we are to fat, not strong enough, etc. We all have a story that we keep telling people or telling ourselves that is limiting us to move on. An example is, I am a personal trainer and during a class this week a high school football student, who is probably one of the most determined kids I have, was going to settle. We were maxing out on something called a split jerk, and his buddy earlier got #200, which is fantastic by the way, but this kid comes in and says i'll get #205. And I go up to him and ask "why?" why just #205, he is like well I want to beat my buddy by 5. And right then and there I straight up told him "you are settling" and his face kinda got red and he was embarrassed. But then we explained to him that if he wants to be good he is going to have okay results but if he wants to be amazing, excellent, outstanding, out of this world he cannot settle he needs to push himself to be better to have that mindset of I will be the best and push myself to get to where I want to be. His story was I want to just barely beat someone, but his goals are way higher than that. He needed to change his story in order to change his life to get to his goals. So obviously getting after him he was a little ashamed of what he said and embarrassed but he knew we were right. He knew that he could go higher and be better. So after a pep talk, change in music not only did he get #205 but he got #225 and almost got #235. From then on he changed, he wants to be the best, get better every day, make the big gains and shock everyone. There is a power in mindset, if your mindset is I am not enough, than unfortunately that story will be played over and over in your head, and if you say it out loud to people they will subconsciously think that about you. So you need to change your story! How do you do that? There are two ways you can go, one is keep believing that story and end up being the person who was never enough, is the laughing stock, has no promising future, or you can change your story. Not everyone is blessed to have someone beside them all the time to get after them when they are limiting themselves, but if you do have a family member or friend you can talk to say hey I want to change, tell them what you want to do and make them hold you accountable for your goals. It is always nice to have someone to hold you accountable because then it is out in the world and you are more likely to do it. When you have that reoccurring story playing you need to laugh it off, almost to a point where you make fun of that story and then you end up not believing it sooner or later you will realize how dumb that story was. Another thing you can do is start your affirmations, "I am intelligent, I am smart, I am a outstanding student, I can change my future, I am destine for greatness". Saying that day after day you start to believe in yourself, you walk with a different type of swagger, your head is up and you are confident in what you are doing. Changing your mindset can make a huge difference in your life. You will begin to soar over the people in disbelief. The point of all of this is YOU CAN change your story, you can be better, everyone has a limiting factor they are telling themselves, and after constant continuous action your life can and will start to change for the better! My life has changed because I changed my story. That kid that I was talking about earlier, his life changed, he now has a different passion and determination in his eyes and his heart, I can feel it. You have the capability to change your life, say the affirmations, laugh at that crazy story of yours, have someone hold you accountable. So what are you waiting for? What is stopping you?


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